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I've been doing flash since September 2004. One day, my dad went out and got the Macromedia suite, so I took a look at flash. I knew that flash existed, and that it was for making animations. But that was it. I had no clue how to use its interface, and it really just looked like advanced Microsoft paint to me for a while. So I didn't really get too serious with it.

I wanted to do it because one year before, my brother, Anthony did a very funny movie in flash, so I wanted to do something cool too. I had been animating for a couple years already, but it wasn't with flash, rather it was with a program that you would never expect. Powerpoint. That's right, powerpoint. I saw a kid in my computer class making an animation with it about screen beans. He wasn't that good at it, and since I have a natural aptitude with program interface, and knowledge of the Microsoft suite, I knew immediately that I could do what he was doing, just 100X better, funnier, and faster. I started a series called screen beans, and I animated 14 episodes. I was inspired by with it's stick flash deaths, and I had violence enacted upon these hilarious screen beans. Nothing too serious, and it was usually just comic violence and mischief. I wrote my own stories for them, and had sounds incorporated into the flash presentation.

Unfortunately, they have since been deleted, and I never got the chance to back them up. They were once saved in a CD, but my dad wrote over the Disc, so they are gone forever. The reason I got into flash was so that I could do the same stuff with powerpoint, but with a professional program. One thing I learned quickly about flash is that it is so much more complicated and hard than powerpoint. Powerpoint can do some of what flash can do, but not nearly on the grand scale I've come to. however, believe it or not, flash cannot do what powerpoint can do. Well, it can, but I'm not going to waste my time doing it. Powerpoint has the ability to create effects for letters, words, or paragraphs, and objects, but are somewhat limited to their movements. Flash can do the exact same movements, but you'd have to animate each and everything. I guess you can say powerpoint is to swish as flash is to um... flash? This is my personal stash of flash, and right now, this flash is for me. Not for you. Once I'm good enough, I'll worry about entertaining you. For now, and until I get good enough, It's for my self betterment. If you enjoy my stuff, all the better.


This hasn't really taken off for me yet, so my corporate experience with flash is minimal. So far, I only have one project to speak of, and it is not actionscript intensive, rather, it's just an intro for their company and basic flash headers for their site.

You have the option to see my new and old, and even more recently "Corporate" attempts at flash. Just select the category below.


My old, lame attempts at flash. - My old, lame flash attempts. If it wasn't for these though, I wouldn't have improved as much as I did.


My recent, improving attempts at flash. - The more recent, improving attempts at flash. I'm really starting to shine in these.


My recent, improving attempts at flash. - This is a small category now, because I've only worked on one corporate site that used flash.


Now, I know that I am not a leading expert in flash, not by a long shot; but I know for a fact that there are many people want to know how to do flash, and want to know where to start. Let me tell you this, I never took one class for flash. I did flash in school, but it wasn't part of the curriculum, or even part of the class. It was a media arts class, so I asked my teacher if he accepted our projects in different mediums, flash being my choice. He agreed, so he made available to me flash at school. All this stuff you see on these three pages are by me. I figured out how to do these effects, either by myself, or through tutorials I found on the web. I even own a flash book right from the source: Macromedia themselves, but I haven't found too much use for it. I prefer online tutorials, where I find out how to do all these neat things, and then I put them all together. So, for you, and a bit for me, I'm going to have a links page where I will give some reviews on flash tutorials and tutorial sites, as well as flash forums for you to join to get help at.

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