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This is the unfinished version of my flash video. Tell me what you think about it: Write Here.   This Movie has been viewed 92 times.

This is a fanart video I made about Joseph Blanchette's (a.k.a Legendary Frog) characters: Kerrigan, Ark, Senya, and Sal.
The Story is about them going out on a picnic. Once there, you have control over a muffin. Kerrigan chases the muffin, and then eats the muffin if you let her catch it. There are some other things around the stage, and if you follow the in game instructions, it's not hard to follow along. Have fun, because I've spent a long, long LONG time working on the actionscript in this game. It's not finished yet, but is constantly being worked on. It will eventually have functionality for Ark and Senya too, where they will go on their own little adventures. Sal for now is just a stupid pretty boy, leave him alone.