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I'm a WAMP. That means I use these 4 tools to do my webdevelopment:

Microsoft WindowsApacheMySQLPHP

Php has become the best tool you could ever use for a secure professional site. The best thing about php besides its security would have to be the fact that well, it's free! Open Source rocks! There is mass documentation on it, and I like it because so far, its exactly like C++. except for the libraries and some syntax differences. I've been working on PHP since the startup of back in the September of 2004. I've learnt quite a bit, although I am still in the infant stages of learning. As of April 4 2005, I have installed my own Apache Server and PHP5. I'm working on getting MySQL, although it's not necessary until I learn a bit more on that subject than just connectivity. Below is some of the stuff that I put together over the months I've been learning on and off.

Php test - this is my first php test. As all programmers know, its calleds the hello world statement. says hello, but and then this one continues on and tells you what your IP address is. This version also contains a trial of a for loop that I quickly thought up. I did some testing with tables to get it to work

Alright! not that anybody cares, but I'm learning PHP. and that means a quickie I just set up. get your free domain here! FREE DOMAINS hehe. see for yourself.
Clicky Clicky

The next thing you can do is try to login here. I'll give you a hint. It was the code word used on D-Day to identify one paratrooper to another. And NOoo... its not click-clack. hehe. Watch saving private ryan, or read the Band of Brothers book. You'll get it eventually.
Login here

Recent PHP trial. You select the background color. I could think of many different uses this could have for dynamic sites don't you? Click here

You no longer have a choice of background. Just hit F5 or refresh to see the changes.
Click here

This one is a work in progress. Register to win a free XBOX (not really, just an attention grabber.)

This is the most recent test I've done. You won't see anything special. It's just connecting to a database. That's it.
Database Connectivity

I hate spam. No. I mean, I REALLY hate spam. So, knowing how spambots work, I decided to write a script that generates 1,000 fake email addresses. This allows the spam databases to fill up their quotas and then can come back as often as they want. Each and every email address is unique. You'd be hardpressed to find an identical email address in the lot of them. So, in order to catch the spambots attention: Contact me and the EMAIL ME page *(Warning: This takes a while to load)

I've been fooling around with GD tools recently for image manipulation. I followed one tutorial, and with that, I've gone and done some pretty neat stuff, such as a winamp now playing list and a forum last post checker. Check it out here