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Media Arts

I never considered myself to be very artistic, and because of those negative thoughts, never did anything artisitic. In the last year of High school, I was put into a media arts class because of some screwup on the schools part with schedules and whatnot. So, I went in thinking okay, good. I'm going to finally learn Photoshop, and be able to do cool stuff. It was a partial success. I learnt a little, but it wasn't the class that taught me alot. The class itself was just a wakeup call to me. Shortly after starting that class, I googled photoshop tutorials to learn as much as I could. Most of my original work was just me bumbling around the program. I knew a bit about graphics programs because I'd used fireworks before, but after the tutorials, I was able to exceed the class standard (which, sadly wasn't too high), and become the tied top artist of the class. Now, that History 101 is complete, you'll be able to see some of the media art that I've done.

Our second assignment in my media arts class was to make a cd cover for a music cd. And you had to be on the cover advertising the music you did (I didn't actually make the songs, though I play some of them on the piano). I modelled myself after a pretty famous video game character. I had to put on the 'stache and hat; and bug out my eyes and enlarge my nose. Well, here it is: CD Cover Design

In the aforementioned class we had to do a hand drawn comic. And considering the fact that I am going to a school called North Park, I parodied South Park. Be forewarned: THERE IS NO VULGARITY, and NO HUMOUR. North Park Comic

This next piece was one of my last assignments in the arts class. We had to transform a picture (ourselves preferably) into something else, so here it is: Transition

Since January 2005, I've learnt and continued to learn how to make abstract backgrounds. I've made quite a few, and they've got quite good reception from the viewers of my site. Actually that was the most popular part of my site. So popular in fact, that it ate up the most bandwidth of all on my site, so I moved them. You can now find them at my new site:

Back in March 2005, I was commissioned to build a freelance website. I quickly made a mockup design and a logo. Neither were used in the final site, but I do think the logo is useful, and I made a tutorial on how to make one similiar to it. J.I.G. Video Logo Tutorial.

This is just a joke that I made when a person on the Hyperboy Forum wanted to make a newspaper about the forum happenings. So, I decided I'll make a National Enquirer parody about the happenings and rumours of the forum. Most of this stuff is made up. So, check it out, Hyperboy Enquirer