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This assignment involved us transforming ourselves into something/someone different. I took a look at my picture, and thought how a tiger would look. So I fooled around with a tiger pic. Well, that didn't work. So I fooled around with another tiger picture. Nope. So I gave up and screwed around with my original picture. Hehe. Funny looking I think:

Then I decide not to use that original tiger picture at all, so I decide to waste a bit of class time and mess around with it, causing some terror when my younger sister saw it. I guess it is a little "haunting":

Here is the original picture:


Then I selected the eyes and teeth and did color balance and changed them to a red lava color:

Well, that wasn't good enough for me, so I added solar flares to its eyes, and added a missing tooth.

So I racked my brain and looked at my pic and thought: "HEY! I look like that japanese sumo guy from Jackie Chan adventures, what's his name? oh yeah! TOHRU." So I finally decided on what pic I would use:


Then, I deleted his background, and mine as well, and then added that forest. I used liquefy and smudge mainly. I've notice that some of the other students just super-imposed one picture over another using alpha transparencies. The last 3 frames I did minor super impositions of the nose, mouth, laugh lines, and ears though they were minimal and had low alpha values. I used sponge to lighten my shirt to his color, and used brush to make suspenders appear on frame six.

Well, to sum things up. I can turn myself into a cartoon character. Woohoo!