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I was a late bloomer when it came to programming. I always wanted to do it because it sounded like a lot of fun, so I would read up on it a bit, but never really got around to it. I signed up for it in grade 10 in Alberta, and went to class on my first day of school, but as luck would have it. The teachers went on strike, so I was out of a school for a month. Luck batting a thousand that month, decided we'd move down to Ontario, so I started school again after a 1 month siesta. Because I had missed a month of school, they didn't let me into my math class, so they added an extra computer course to my timetable.

I now had computer sciences and computer engineering. Both of which, included programming. The very first language I learned was PASCAL. It was a very simplistic language that did what you told it to. I liked it, but it's so stinking old school. I was doing it from the command line, so it kind of felt odd to be working at such an archaic level. Well, I moved on in that class to a Lego robotics course that used a language called NQC. NQC stands for "not quite C". It was basically a stripped down version of C. It had a visual interface where you could drag and drop items and then a lot like flash; you could assign code to individual buttons and items on the "stage" to control your robot to do its many tasks. Such tasks included being a crane, pick up items, identify the items by color, and then drop them in the appropriate bin. Or, in another case there was a greenhouse that had a fan, a light, and a heat sensor. The light would turn on, heat up the greenhouse, once the heat sensor picked up a specified temperature, the light would switch off and then the fan would turn on and cool off the greenhouse. Lego Dacta is really neat stuff.

In the other class, I started off with HTML, but that’s not relevant to this page, so I'll skip ahead to Visual Basic. That class was the first and last time I did non command line programming. We did some pretty basic functions with it, but then moved into some intermediate stuff. I don't really remember too much about that part of the class, nor did I particularly enjoy Visual basic too much.

The next year, after moving again, I was at a new school. This school offered slightly better facilities. This is also where my programming started to take off. I enrolled into a computer programming course. This course was specific in its nature; C++ was the only thing we'd be doing. So, it just happened to be the last course of each day, and I being the struggling student of that class (well, not the only one), but had a super strong desire to learn this language, so I asked my teacher if I could stay after school to continue on. So, he agreed, and I would stay upwards to 2 hours extra programming each day, getting super far ahead in the class. I, not being a prodigy at programming, had to work extremely hard, read up on programming all the time, and I barely kept up with the smartest ones in the class. I was always 2 programs ahead of everyone else, and this is practically the only time I've kept my source code. So I’ve decided to post that stuff, later on in this page.

After the C++ course, I was in a music class, and being only in grade 11 I had an spare (not allowed if in grade 11) so I went to my counselor to see if I could drop my music class, because at the time I didn’t want it, but that’s for another time. They said I couldn’t drop that course because then I’d only have 2 courses, so they not only didn’t drop that course, they added another one on! This course just happened to be a computer engineering course. Well, I didn’t know at the time that it was a grade 10 engineering course. So, since I was taking a course I had just taken last year, they wouldn’t give me the credit, even though I passed with flying colours. In that class, I screwed around for the first month, and just did boring assignments. But after talking to my teacher, found out some another student had a Lego mindstorms™ and then convinced him to allow me, that student, and two other students to work in a partitioned part of this large lab and screw around for the rest of the semester. During that time we built several robots, programmed them, and then drove them to destruction. We controlled this robot remotely with an infrared tower, and over the internet using a JavaScript interface developed by Pop Bubble, and a program called WebBrick. It was also during this class that I learned how to program QBasic. That year flew by. The next year, I signed up for grade 11 computer engineering, despite the fact that now I was in grade 12. So, I continued on my QBasic journey. Yuck! QBasic had it's time and place. But in 2003, it was neither the time nor the place.

Now, let's jump to the end of 2004. I started in flash in September 2004, and by December, I was playing around with Actionscript. You can see on my flash page some of the actionscript I've done. It's a fairly simple language if all you want to do is replay your cool shape tween movie. But then again, who's going to want to rewatch that anyways? So, I've gone past that and have done some intermediate stuff like motion tweening with Actionscript, variable dependency, movie clip control, advanced preloaders, and a bunch of other really neat things. Actionscript is a must learn for those that are interested in flash. There are many, MANY tutorials and script floating around on the internet, so be sure to check them out.

I could be in a bit of hot water, if you will, when I say that PHP is a programming language. But, it really is, and there is no point in arguing about it. It is parsed right on the server, and if you don’t like “parsed” then we will call it “compiled” for all intents and purposes. To see what I’ve done on the PHP end of things check out my PHP page. But, that isn’t much to show really, so why not just look in your address bar, and you’ll notice that you aren’t looking at an ordinary page that ends with .htm or .html What this means is that I’m using include files for running the page. It calls includes from a separate folder, and then displays the text, images, and other media that it’s calling.

Well, now for the source code I’ve decided to put up. This code is for C++ only. It cannot be used in any other compiler (maybe C, but I wouldn’t know), unless you want to convert it.

This file contains my very first C++ program. It is very, very basic. It is just a poem. I guess it was a Hello World test. .cpp file only.
Just a simple COUT test with my name .cpp file only
This file contains a test of variable passing for a dance night slip. .cpp file only.
This .cpp file shows the steps for using a COUT statement
This is a simple three question quiz using CIN and COUT statements. .cpp file only.
This is a payment calculator. .cpp file only.
A simple Guessing game. If you win, big $$$$. .cpp file only.
Calculates the area of a circle. Just enter the radius. .cpp file only
A calculation of two numbers square, square roots, and cube. .cpp file only
To Calculate and make a class and student average for one year including Semester 1 and Semester 2. .cpp file only
To make an interest table. .cpp file only
A program that calculates a bunch of numbers in 0.5 increments
This program will track the number of guesses the computer has to make to guess your secret number that you entered. .cpp file only
This program will output random numbers within a specified range.
This program will calculate the cost of a loan payment
This program will generate an invoice of up to 10 items and then store them in an array. .cpp file only.
This program will generate up to 30 #'s and then store them in an array as students marks. .cpp file only.
This program will calculate the cost of a shopping spree you just won. .cpp file only.
This program will calculate the cost of painting a room. .cpp file only.
This program will generate random prices for up to 30 Objects. .cpp file only.
Somehow, I've lost the source code for this program. I don't know how, and I'm sure I can find it, but for now, the compiled version will have to do. This program will calculate the cost of a road trip. You first choose the make of the car, then you choose the model. After you enter some other info, it calculates the cost of the road trip.

Marks ~ Final
Marks~Final.cppMarks ~ Final.exeText File
This is the final project that I did in my C++ class. I've included the CPP file, EXE file, and required Text file. It has 17 different functions. Two of which, I never got around to finishing. It's main job is to open read and/or modify a text file. If you download the executable, then it is required that you also download the text file, and place them in the same directory. Included with it at the end in the programmers choice, I've included a little game.
This is the game that I included in the above program, but decided to put in a separate CPP file for whatever reason. Non compiled. .cpp file only.