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About Me

I'm special

This page will be under some major construction for the time being, but pages will slowly trickle in. I still haven't had time to disable my old links yet, so you can still find some of my about pages from the old version still available, and I'll link them here as well until I get everything sorted out in my hectic life schedule.

Update (Sorta): I've Decided to take the time, regardless if I have it or not, and update my site even if it's just a little bit. I'm updating my bio and family page so that they fit the new template, and not that horrid old one that I started off with. Not that you really could call that a template.

I give you my Biography! Most of it anyways.

Now for my family info for all to see. I should update the information too. So empty.

Expect more right away. I'm entering into a new lifestyle, and before I get too deep, I'm going to be taking some landmark pictures so I can gauge my advancements. :D