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Prom Night

On June 10th 2005, I went to the senior prom. Stupid me. I should've gone the year before. I was a return student to North Park, so I hardly knew anyone at the Prom. Oh well. I had a good time anyways. Met some new people, shouted at the top of my lungs and whatnot, and spent half the night at the bar watching everyone else have a jolly good time whooping it up on the dance floor.

This year, the prom was held at the ever eloquent, Pavilion Royale. It was beautiful. It featured a large banquet hall with a beautiful dance floor that opened up to a huge sun roof. I found it on the satelite map on google a couple hours before going, and wondering what kind of building had a large orange dome on top. Well, after we made a wrong left turn, ten minutes later, I found out that that stupid orange dome building was in fact, the Pavilion Royale. The service was excellent there, the food was okay, and the evening was splendid. Here are some pictures of the place.

I also took some pictures of different parts of the evening. I didn't bring a digital camera, instead, I brought along a cell phone camera. I was told it takes decent pictures, and so I took 9. Most were of people dancing. Since I'm white, and you all know how well white guys dance, I didn't. Thereby not having the chance of making myself look more like a fool than I already do. I've been asked who I was going to take to the prom, and something happened that I didn't think would've for all the years I had been planning and thinking about the prom. I went alone. The only girl that ever mentioned that she'd want to go with me, Jessica, never made it. I'm sorry that I went alone, because I was pretty lonely that night. I only knew one person at the table where I was placed. And not to be put offish about who I sat with, I sat with the oddest group to sit with out of the entire school. I was placed at the foreign exchange students table. Because of my younger brothers mix up not telling me until the tuesday before the prom when the prom actually was, I barely got on the list. Sure, there were open spots, but everyone at signup looked at you funny for not getting your ticket like everyone else 3 weeks before the prom.

On my invitation it said I was to sit at table 16. When I got there, everything was hunky dorey. I found my seat, and talked to the teachers about the whole mixup of getting on last minute. Then along comes Mrs. Upenieks, my COOP teacher and tells me that they've overbooked table 16. Guess who the extra person was? So, I'm told that there are some extra seats at other tables, so they stick me at the very last table. Table 31.

Turns out table 31 was for those that were overbooked, and the FE students. So, I sit down and listen to each kid talk to each other. Their english is not bad really, but because of cultural differences, there is an icebreaker right away. On every table, there are two bowls of butter for buttering the buns they placed later. So, there are two girls, and one convinced the other that the butter was in fact, ICE CREAM! The girl not thinking that it might be odd, that Canadians would put only two bowls of icecream for a table of ten to share, takes a spoon and put a large amount of the butter into her mouth. Suffice to say, about two minutes later, I find out that they are all exchange students. Well, no surprise that she didn't know any better. The kids there were really great students, and being exchange students didn't know hardly anyone either, so I didn't feel too much like the oddball at the table.

So, 7 o'clock rolls around. That was when dinner would be served. With 31 tables, and 10 at each table, that equals out to 310 people to feed. Tables were called up one by one, and as luck would have it, table 31 would be the last one to get called. Oh well, I'm not complaining, because somebody has to be last. But the funny thing is, noone cared what table number was called, People would just go up and get their food and forget about the whole number system. I certainly felt like the oddball when I was the only one sitting at the table not eating, waiting for our number to be called up. So, after most people were done eating, The student awards were called out. Most athletic, most likely to be voted off the island, Male most likely to shave his legs, stupid awards like that. I knew a couple of the people being called out, but for the most part, I was clueless as to who all these kids were. These were all grade 12 students too! But, I being grade 12 1/2 or whatver, for the most part, didn't really know these students.

Well, the music for the dance started about two minutes after the majority of the students were done eating, and the awards were done and forgotten about. So, around 8:00 p.m., the music started. Who really knows when it stopped. I left around 11:00 p.m., and it was still blaring as loud as ever. I was sitting at the table farthest from the dance floor. No matter, the music was as loud, if not EVEN louder than at the floor itself. My ears were ringing the next day. But, being at the table farthest from the dance floor didn't stop me from venturing around, chatting with people here and there. Mr. Chilton, being the craziest teacher I've ever met, cut a rug pretty much the entire evening. He also managed to snap a whole bunch of pictures. I'll see if I can't get some from him to post. So, I spent most of the evening over at the bar, surveying the scene. Hey, open bar are very welcome words you know. Well, picture time!

A pic I took of myself after the prom. This was about 1 in the morning.
A pic I took of myself after the prom. This was about 1 in the morning.
This is the memento for the prom