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Me, me meeee. All about me.


My name is Allan Clark, and I was born Friday January 17, 1986. I was raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and have one heck of a life story. Though too bad, not for you. :P hehe. I've moved plenty of times. A grand total of 8 times. The first 6 of those moves were only within one city, Edmonton. House to house. Then back in 2001, my Dad's business was bought out by a bigger corporation so they moved us down here with a luxury truck to come and grab all our stuff, and fly us down first class (*cough*not*cough*). So after living 3 months in a temp housing situation with our grandmother we moved out and got a place of our own.

My online names are: Ali Cossack, Nix, and Nixopax. These three names were made up back in 1997 when I had to make a hotmail account for grade 7 computer science class. My brother Anthony grabbed a dictionary, and quickly pulled two words out of the dictionary: "nix" and "pax". The o was thrown in there because it can be used as a conjuction and nixpax didn't sound right. Ali Cossack was my idea when our teacher told us not to put our real names on forms, but rather use the first letter from each name so Allan was A for Ali, and Clark was C for Cossack. Nix is more commonly used by me now though because the forum I wanted to join didn't allow nixopax, so I shortened it to nix and it has stuck with me ever since. An interesting thing with nix though on search engines is that nix is a short term for Unix servers and Platforms so I don't get the best results with search engines.

My school history:

K Sr.
Crawford Plains Elementary
Weinlos Elementary
Malcolm Tweddle
Kirkness Elementary (Homeschooling )
Edith Rogers
12.5 (Upgrade)
Jasper Place
Orchard Park
North Park S.S.


Some Amazing teachers that have affected my life (for better... or worse hehe):

Mark Karstad was my grade 6 homeschooling teacher. He introduced me to computers and the internet. He is an amazing guy and it just astounding to find him after all these years. He is the kind of guy that you can get along with really easily, and was generally a really funny guy. He made learning fun. You can check out his website here And some grainy pics:


Mr. Douglas is another individual that had a huge impact on me. He was my grade 8 Social Studies Teacher. Social studies for those that don't know, is basically, history, geography, ethics, ethnic behavioural studies, and other similiar courses bundled into one year long course. One of the subjects that we spent a long amount of time on was studying Brazil. One section of this subject was the Rain Forest. We watched two "hollywood" videos, and a third educational video that talked about the forest for about a third of the video. The first I can't recall the title of at this second, but it was about a female scientist/doctor that goes to the brazilian rainforest. She discovers a flower/plant that has properties that can cure cancer. She's excited. She's living with the natives at the time, so she was using them as her test subjects because they pointed it out to her that they were using them for diseases and the such like. But before she can send her results back to the States, the deforestation catches up to where she is. The thing is, this plant only lives in a small little area; the area that the land hungry lumberjacks have their eyes set on now. The movie ends with the flower being destoryed, and you're left having that on your conscience that right now, this very second it's happening. And it will continue. The second video was Ferngully. While it wasn't said that it was about the Brazilian rainforest, it applied quite well. Showing the forests view of deforestation; not just the loggers point of view that it's beneficial to their pocket books. He was possibly the best influence on the school. I was sad to hear that he retired that year. I was really looking forward to seeing him again the next year, but it wasn't to be.

edit: All work, and some play, really takes up all the time in my day. Leaving no time to talk about the wonderful school experiences, and other such gushy stuff.


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