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Who killed Kennedy? Noone knows, though conspiracies abound who can say whats true?


A Clear, but wrong explanation downplaying all conspiracies about Kennedy's assassination

Pictures and Videos of Kennedy's assassination

Explanation of Oswalds Doctored Photo

"Here's a classic example of "wrong" shadows: Look at this photo of John F. Kennedy's assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. People say this photo has not been doctored or retouched, but it has. Look at the shadows in the photo. Look at the shadow under his nose. This type of shadow occurs when the sun is very high in the sky (around noon) and the sun is shining straight down on the head. Yet, if this picture was taken around noon, Oswald would cast almost no shadow with his body because his body shadow would be directly under him. But, as you can plainly see, he DOES have a shadow. Granted, the shadow isn't very long, but it's too long to be the same shadow that is being cast under his nose. Also, if we look at highlights in this picture we see that the highlights (or white areas) on his face are much better defined than the highlights on his right arm. Basically, there ARE NO highlights on his arm, it's all one pretty even tone. Further, his face has the three types of tone that we look for in drawing: Highlights (the whitest whites), midtones (the middle, grayer tones), and shadows (the darkest areas). But his right arm only seems to have two tones: shadows and midtones, no highlights. This means to me that the body was photographed under different lighting conditions than the head. "

The reason I chose these 2 pictures and 2 still frames as important pictures that have changed the world is because they represent an injustice that has gone on for more than 40 years. Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy (scapegoat). That is not him in the photo. The photo has Oswalds head, and someone else's body as has been explained above. The picture of Kennedy on the autopsy gurney proves Oswalds innocence as well. Observe the front of Kennedy's neck.The bullets from the mannlicher-carcano are of the 6.5 mm calibre. That means the entry hole is small and the exit hole is quite large. As you can see from the 2 still frames, his brain matter is being thrown across the screen, and then you can see his exposed brain. Oswald had been in the book depository building behind Kennedy's car when Kennedy was shot. The entry hole on the neck was small. It was also on the front.

If you wish to see the video of his assassination, click here